Work Process

Work Process

Steps to Sustainability

When starting a new sustainability project, we typically work in the following steps:

  1. Gaining understanding of the client’s strategies and goals – where they’re trying to get to, and why.
  2. Getting to the baseline – studying or developing key performance indicators (KPIs), interviewing staff at all levels and doing additional research to learn about the current level of awareness and commitment to sustainability.
  3. Completing gap analyses to identify current barriers and analyze opportunities to create clear roadmaps for the future.

To achieve a strong sustainability performance, we feel strongly that an organization needs to work both top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top, actively communicating both internally and externally. 

The management needs to show true commitment to doing what needs to be done, with the entire staff bringing their ideas and necessary actions to management’s table.



Let us Help You

Seems like you have already taken the very first step in moving your organization towards sustainability.
Maybe you need help on that path? 

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