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The unfortunate fact is that environmental pollution has not received sufficient attention in the past decades. This has left us with a lot of contaminated land today, which should be cleaned up now at the latest.

The minimum requirement should be to restore the operating environment to a state where soil or groundwater contamination does not pose a risk to human or environmental health. A comprehensive action plan and a soil status report should be drawn up before any remediation and restoration work is started. The progress of the action plan can be assessed by knowing the soil and taking the necessary measurements. We offer soil analysis services for the following concentrations; oils, PFAS, microplastics, and heavy metals. An action plan can also be used to estimate how concentrations of harmful substances would be transported to water bodies in the event of damage.

Even before the start of any industrial activity, efforts should be made to minimise soil impacts at the outset by careful site selection. The site should be far enough away from groundwater bodies and the release of harmful substances should be prevented as far as possible.

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