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Industrial Compliance & Risk Management

Decoding patterns

Navigating the intricacies of wind energy projects demands attention to detail. The realms of technical, regulatory, and economic aspects of these projects can often intertwine in complex patterns. At DGE Finland, we are adept at decoding these patterns and have received excellent feedback from our clients and partners in the wind and related industries.

Environmental oversight

In Finland, it’s not uncommon to encounter projects with outdated or insufficient EIAs, as the permitting process has tended to be quite long in the past. Even if updated nature surveys or other updates in the EIAs aren’t mandated by the authorities, neglecting certain key areas can create significant risks of delay and cause financial losses to the project. We underscore the importance of comprehensive and up-to-date environmental assessments, ensuring your wind energy project isn’t only feasible, but also sustainable and risk averse.

Customized Scope of Work

Every project is unique. Recognizing this, we engage with you to determine the specific scope of work tailored to your needs. This can range from scrutinizing existing energy yield evaluations to delving into the intricacies of cash flow models. 

Our services are broad-ranging: our expertise in auditing gives us the tools to assess wind energy projects at all stages of their lifecycle: be it planning, building, operations or end of life. We offer detailed reviews spanning permitting, planning and approval, land use and land law, analysis of curtailment and BoP assessments. Our in-house legal expertise gives us the tools to evaluate the legal contracts and requirements of a project in detail.


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