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Tackling climate change is a massive investment challenge. Business investment requires controlled restructuring and a vision for the coming decades. Achieving a carbon-neutral economy will require significant change from all sectors of society and will also require businesses to reassess their ways of working.

At DGE Finland, we understand that integrating sustainability principles into your business operations is crucial for long-term success. Embracing sustainable practices not only helps reduce your environmental impact but also opens doors to new growth and development opportunities. Different governments, the European Union, and Finland have established numerous financing instruments and regulations to support companies and organizations in their transition towards a more sustainable future.

We are here to help you understand, access, and benefit from these financing opportunities.

Financing Instruments for a Sustainable Future

The European Union, various governments, and Finland have introduced several financing instruments aimed at incentivizing and supporting businesses in adopting sustainable practices. These instruments include grants, loans, tax incentives, and subsidies that can be accessed by complying with the standards set forth by these initiatives, such as the EU’s Taxonomy of Sustainable Activities and Finnish national programs.

Some key EU financing programs include:

  • European Green Deal
  • Horizon Europe
  • LIFE Programme
  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

In Finland, the government has taken several steps to promote sustainable growth and development, offering various programs and regulations to support businesses in their transition to a more sustainable future:

  • Finnish Climate Fund provides financing for projects that contribute to mitigating climate change and promoting the circular economy. It supports investments in innovative technologies, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.
  • Business Finland offers funding, expertise, and networks for Finnish companies to support innovation and international growth, with a strong focus on sustainability and clean technologies.
  • Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund) is an independent public foundation that supports projects and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable well-being in Finland. It funds and collaborates with various actors, including businesses, public organizations, and research institutions, to create a more sustainable society.
  • Energy Efficiency Agreements: These voluntary agreements between the Finnish government and businesses aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in various sectors, such as industry, services, and property.
  • Circular Economy Roadmap: The Finnish government has developed a national roadmap for transitioning to a circular economy, which includes concrete actions, targets, and measures for various sectors, such as construction, textiles, and plastics.

In addition to these financing instruments and regulations, the EU and Finland have emphasized the importance of climate proofing, which involves assessing and addressing the potential impacts of climate change on projects and investments. By incorporating climate resilience measures into your projects, you can improve their long-term sustainability and increase the likelihood of securing funding.

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Unlock Financing Opportunities with Us

Navigating the complex landscape of sustainability financing, including the EU Taxonomy and Finnish programs and regulations, can be challenging. From understanding the regulations and requirements to crafting successful funding applications, businesses need expert guidance to access these valuable resources.

We specialize in understanding and preparing for sustainability related financing solutions and can help your organization understand and access various financing opportunities available for sustainable projects, both within the EU and Finland. We have extensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape, including the EU Taxonomy and Finnish programs, and expertise in creating compelling funding applications and passing methodological requirements set by the programs.

We can assist you with:

  • Identifying suitable financing instruments for your sustainable projects, including Finnish programs and regulations.
  • Ensuring compliance with EU, Finnish government-level regulations, and standards, including the EU Taxonomy.
  • Assisting with the application process and crafting successful funding proposals.
  • Providing guidance on climate proofing to enhance the resilience and sustainability of your projects.

Embracing sustainable practices is key to unlocking new opportunities for growth and development. With our help you can successfully navigate the world of sustainability financing, access the funds you need, and create a prosperous future for your business.


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