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Mobility Studies

At DGE, our focus is on contributing to a more society that is less dependent on cars and fossil fuel based modes of transport by analyzing logistics and conducting mobility studies for both the private and the public sector.

In 2021 traffic and transportation made up approximately 20% of Finland’s total CO2 emissions. In addition to the climate change effect, current modes of transportation cause problems such as air pollution, noise, traffic accidents, depletion of natural resources and effects on human health. Recent studies have identified air pollution – especially fine particulate matter –  as a more significant cause of death than previously thought. Globally, approximately 5,5 million premature deaths are caused by anthropogenic air pollution, and motor vehicle emissions are one of the main sources of fine particulate matter pollution – especially in European cities.  

In Northern Europe and in Finland, the situation with air pollution is much better than in many other parts of the world, but locally impacts can still be significant – especially in localized areas of chronic traffic jams. 

We believe that the movement of people and goods can be both more purposeful and more sustainable if planning is done properly. DGE has conducted mobility studies and created mobility plans for various organisations and local governments, and we are ready to assist you in complex mobility questions anywhere in the world.


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