Vision & Story


DGE Finland is a part of DGE Group, that provides environmental and
sustainability consulting services across the Nordics and the Baltics.
DGE Group was founded in Denmark in 1985,
and now employs over 160 dedicated people from various specialties and backgrounds -
among them engineers geologists, chemists, environmental
and laboratory technicians, constructional engineers and economists.

We have branch offices in Finland, Estonia Lithuania
and Denmark, and close partners in Latvia and Norway. We gain opportunities through
our partners in the global co-operation group Inogen Environmental Alliance.

DGE Finland was born in 2019, when DGE Group entered into partnership with the Finnish
LE-Consulting Oy (LEC), which was founded in 1989. LE-Consulting, a spin-off of Helsinki University of Technology,
was specialized in legal, economic and technical consulting in real estate and environmental projects and cases.

Today, we aim to provide the Finnish market the same level
and variety of expert consultancy DGE Group is known for in neighbouring countries.
In 2022 DGE Finland developed a new business strategy
and decided to expand its sustainability services.


In many ways our world has changed for the better, and we respect the advances and progress of the last centuries.

At the same time we acknowledge the need to change many of the practices we have grown used to.

By using the right methodology and applying practical changes,
we feel that development doesn’t need to come at the cost of our natural environment

We envision a world, where shifts in practices and technology allow the well-being of both humans and the environment.