Core Values


Integrity is at the core of all DGE Finland’s values. We’re a private company, but we don’t do business by any means necessary. We have a conscience and it’s our duty to tell our clients what is good and what is not.

We will always do our best to push the projects we participate in towards sustainability. Customers are free to use the knowledge they have gained from us as they will, but we don’t greenwash or change our numbers.


Our network is composed of experts and analysts from several different scientific fields and areas of knowledge.

Our assessments are based on precise and analytical tools and frameworks. We apply critical thinking and discuss and reassess the possible deficiencies and weaknesses in our work before it reaches the customer.

We work dynamically, utilizing different kinds of scopes and perspectives in order to be able to see the full picture. In specialized areas we take advantage of the expertise and knowledge within our network of professionals.


Only honesty can establish trust: in DGE professionalism is personal. DGE is a relatively small company with big customers around the world.

We feel that this works for our benefit: we place high value on our competence and the close relationships we are able to keep with our partners and clients, as well as between the people in DGE Group.


We feel a strong sense of responsibility both to our clients and the natural environment. As the information of the destruction caused by climate change, biodiversity loss and ocean acidification is starting to pile up, the risks posed by different environmental problems can not be ignored.

We strive to help our clients to make the world safer and cleaner by building strong and sustainable strategies and business models for companies so that they are able to reduce their own environmental and social footprint and adapt to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.